#12 Resilience is a Muscle with Catherine Boome and Diane Kilpin

In this episode we chat with Catherine Boome and Diane Kilpin about life, loss, resilience and overcoming trauma. On a personal level and in the workplace we have to deal with change, trauma and challenges. Our ability to develop an aptitude for change is what gets us through it.

Catherine Boome is a mother, MBA graduate and registered dietitian and nutrition consultant. She has experience working in clinical, corporate and research settings and has successfully treated many patients to optimise their health through improving their relationship with food and weight.

On 18th May 2018 Catherine lost her eldest daughter, Fiona, 12 years old at the time, to a sudden cardiac arrest in their home. What started as very normal Friday morning getting ready for school, ended up being a day that would change her life forever. Since then, Catherine’s life journey has taken a direction she never imagined.

Catherine and Diane had already joined forces when they found their common professional interests in treating the emotional eater. They have successfully been running workshops since 2017. Their work together took on a new trajectory after Catherine lost Fiona. Diane has been counselling Catherine on her journey and together they have been working on a message on how to find some form of meaning and hope when faced with extreme adversity.

After completing her BA degree at Wits University in 1994, Diane Kilpin lived and worked in London in the UK for 3 years. Upon her return to South Africa, Diane completed her Honours and Masters degrees at the University of the Free State (UOFS), qualifying as a Counselling Psychologist in 2001. She started her career at the Cape Technikon in the Student Counselling Department before joining the Blaauwberg Therapy Centre where she ran her own private practice for 13 years.

Diane also worked as a volunteer for SADAG (SA Depression and Anxiety Group) where she ran her own support group in Cape Town for 5 years. She continues to volunteer for SADAG, presenting a variety of topics on mental health issues.

In 2013, after starting a family, Diane and her husband relocated to Elgin where she now runs her own private practice. She has a special interest in working with adolescents and adults who suffer with depression, anxiety, trauma and bereavement.

More recently, having worked collaboratively with Catherine Boome, Diane has developed an interest in presenting workshops on building resilience in children, families and adults.

Please consider getting in touch with Diane and Catherine to book them to speak at your children’s school or with your team. Contact Diane on dmallaby@vodamail.co.za.


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