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Tick tock, tick tock. Your time is your ultimate non-renewable natural resource. Once a second has passed, it’s gone! Despite this, so many of us spend most of our time in areas of our jobs or business activity that consume time and, more importantly, energy from us. The more time we spend in these areas of minimum contribution, the less energy we have and the less value we create for the company and, ultimately, for ourselves. When this downward cycle continues, we can end up needing to put even more time into these unrewarding areas of our minimal contribution, and moving forward it becomes harder and harder.

The Contribution Compass is a powerful tool to help us invest time rather than spend it, while navigating to our highest potential. Yet it’s not just a profiling tool – it’s a personal and business growth methodology. It could change your life. Yet you could easily fall prey to what most people do with a tool  such as this – chuck it into the bottom drawer and forget about it. Our goal is to beat the habit of casting your profiler outta sight outta mind, never to add its value, and rather unlocking the value of your new understanding and making a difference.

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This course will help you take the next step from knowing your profile result to really starting to work with applying what you now know to consciously maximise your contribution.

In this learning journey, video resources and practical exercises guide you to a deeper connection to the Contribution Compass and your flow, talent, natural energy and the contribution you can most easily make.



  1. Understand the core concepts of natural energy and the four natural energies.
  2. Develop a high-level understanding of the eight profiles of the Contribution Compass.
  3. Apply your understanding in reflecting on your own natural energy and profile.
  4. Develop a few key strategies on how to maximise your contribution and that of your team.

This course has been designed to guide anyone to deeper insight who has completed the Contribution Compass profiler, irrespective of position or responsibility. As an “Individual” course, this course has been designed for an individual person to undertake and enjoy.
Contribution Compass
The Contribution Compass is a powerful personal and team profiling methodology that aims to get every member of your team into their zone of flow. Through maximising flow and natural energy in your team, you can maximise the contribution and engagement of the most important part of your business – your people. This course requires that you have already completed your profiler. More for more information, visit Contribution Compass.


Introduction to Contribution Compass is video-rich and experiential. Video resources guide you through the concepts you need. Each lesson provides an opportunity to reflect deeply on your own profile and natural energy as well as review your understanding of what you have learnt. The learning methodologies utilised have been allocated as follows:

Knowledge Assessment
Course Map

The map below provides an outline of the areas covered through the practical exercises. Each lesson covers off specific parts of the map.

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