[trx_quote]The I Ching (pronounced ee-ching) is an ancient Chinese philosophy that is incredibly relevant in this crazy world we live in. It teaches us how to master change and deal with our stuff.[/trx_quote]

The I Ching Cafe is a platform to learn more about the wonderful depth and relevance of the I Ching in a relaxed and practical way so that you can apply its value in your life, business and relationships.

Belinda has been an avid student and teacher of the I Ching for over 16 years, and has appeared regularly on national radio to share its insights. She wrote an outcomes-based training course on the I Ching for an educational institution and is engaged in various ways to develop and extend how we can use the I Ching for everyday value. This includes the I Ching Cafe YouTube channel, the podcast, blog articles and her ongoing association with the Contribution Compass, a business profiling tool she co-founded based on the I Ching. Weekly, monthly and special episodes are hosted by Belinda and published on YouTube and wherever fine podcasts are found.

Belinda has found the wisdom of the I Ching to be extremely relevant to her own life and has also seen how it has helped many people to navigate through the complexities of the human condition and the chaotic change we find ourselves in. From business issues, to relationships and health, the I Ching is an end-to-end tool that, if used maturely, can help you to see the wood from the trees. It simply is a great technology that we hope can be used more extensively to develop clarity, agility and mastery.

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I Ching Consultation

If you are interested in consulting with the I Ching directly with Belinda Doveston, consider the options below. Transaction are securely facilitated on this platform. Click or tap the product image for more information.