I Ching Cafe // Business Strategic Assessment

I Ching Cafe // Business Strategic Assessment


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The I Ching (pronounced ee-ching) is an ancient Chinese philosophy that is incredibly relevant in this crazy world we live in. It teaches us how to master change and deal with our stuff. Nowhere is this more relevant than in growing and leading great businesses, where the only thing you can be certain of is change

In the Business Strategic Assessment, Belinda Doveston provides an in-depth I Ching perspective on your business and strategy. Using an agile strategy framework and Belinda’s extensive experience in business architecture, the assessment explores the state of change and the indicators you should pay attention to across your business.

All you need to provide for the assessment, is the name of your organisation or the business unit. Belinda will provide a one-page summary sheet of the assessment plus a one-hour audio recording containing the in-depth assessment feedback.

Please note that the I Ching does know when sincerity might be in question, so please only submit information for a business or unit you are actually part of or responsible for. Your assessment files will be provided to you within 48 hours of your order, and will include a one-year perspective on timing.

This assessment can be extremely valuable when planning your annual strategy, reviewing progress towards your outcomes for the year or when considering a business change.

Areas covered include:

  • Strategic core: your purpose, values and competencies
  • People drivers: the leadership team, people development considerations and stakeholder engagement
  • Strategic differentiation: your unique marketing positioning, competitive factors
  • Strategic goals: long-term growth goals, short- to medium-term goals
  • Communication: customer and employee feedback and communication mechanisms
  • Execution: capability to translate goals into results, including measurement