I Ching Cafe // Online One-Hour Consultation

I Ching Cafe // Online One-Hour Consultation


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The I Ching (pronounced ee-ching) is an ancient Chinese philosophy that is incredibly relevant in this crazy world we live in. It teaches us how to master change and deal with our stuff. Nowhere is this more relevant than in growing and leading great businesses, where the only thing you can be certain of is change

In the Online One-Hour Consultation, Belinda Doveston meets with you on Zoom (online meeting) to support you with your specific questions, be it personal, business or a combination thereof. In the one-hour, approximately 8 specific questions can be addressed. All you need to do is to prepare the questions that are important to you and Belinda will help you to focus those questions first and then the consultation with the I Ching can begin. Your session will be recorded and sent to you afterwards for future reference.

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