#13 Vaporise that Glass Ceiling with Usha Maharaj

Usha Maharaj joins the podcast to chat about developing women leaders, overcoming obstacles and driving high performance. She shares insightful ideas on how we can improve opportunities for women in the workplace and how to take responsibility for leading that change.

We also celebrate the coining of the phrase ‘glass ceiling’, now 40 years old, by challenging ourselves to identify and transform the glass ceiling each one of us faces. For more information on the Washington Post article: click here.

Driving personal excellence is what qualified Chartered Accountant (SA), certified brain-based coach, non-executive director, life-long learner and corporate veteran with 16 years+ field experience in a global ‘Big 4’ Audit firm, Usha Maharaj is obsessed with. In her corporate climb to Executive Director, Usha has gone through all the major and minor challenges that any professional can experience in a high-performing, diverse and rigorous workplace. The five years spent as HR Director in the company afforded her the opportunity to develop and test her effective models and strategies to fast-track career success in high performing professionals. Having left corporate in 2014, she is now using her wealth of experience and expertise to inspire and instruct her clients to reject average and strive for excellence.

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