#15 Knowledge is Power with Jacques Velleman

Reading is one of life’s greatest pleasures! In the first episode for 2019, we chat to Jacques Velleman about knowledge and his passion for getting books to those who need it through The Business Book Club while supporting South African authors in the process. If you love books, join us for this inspiring conversation.

Jacques is an experienced business coach and professional speaker, helping leaders transform their companies’ teams into successful enterprises in today’s competitive world. In 2012 he founded Centred, a business coaching company using a mixture of business psychology and numbers to increase performance and success rates for CEOs and their teams.

At the beginning of 2017, Jacques founded The Business Book Club, which is an extension of his passion for books and his desire to share knowledge with those less privileged. He is a part-time lecturer with the LMI Business School in the field of strategy and has delivered various keynote presentations and seminars on the subjects of business strategy and human potential.


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