#18 Ubuntu Leadership with Kerryn Powell

Ubuntu is a complex word that expresses a deep philosophy that as it goes with me so it goes with you and the group. In this episode we discuss ubuntu leadership with Kerryn Powell and learn more about her doctoral research in this area. Kerryn also shares inspiring insights into overcoming limitation and striving to become all that we can be.

Kerryn Powell, through Affect Consulting, her advisory and facilitator business, works closely with individuals, teams and their business as a whole. In order to touch on just a percentage of a client’s full potential, Kerryn uses various processes, tools and methodologies, taking the journey with them and teaching them the necessary skills to initiate positive changes in their lives and organisations.

She is a consummate and tenaciously positive person and believes her success has come to her because of this. She always pushes through, looking for the right solution to the problem at hand. However, because it’s not enough just to be positive, Kerryn has gravitated into a life of helping others overcome their feelings of limitation. Due to the fact that she has lived and still lives in a very limiting environment, both area-wise and digitally, she strives to see past that. Kerryn believes that most of us do not push ourselves even close to our true potential, both in our personal lives and work.

To get in touch with Kerryn, visit her website at https://www.affectconsulting.co.za/ or LinkedIn.

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