2019 was a year jam packed with learning and change. In this special episode, we look back at the year and ask the I Ching what we were supposed to learn last year as a means of putting 2019 to bed and being fully prepared for 2020. We also asked the I Ching what to focus on for 2020 as a major theme for our growth and prosperity, personally and in our businesses too. It does appear that an interesting year awaits where we have to cultivate our capacity for openness and commitment to purpose. Have a wonderful year!

Tech Specs

Learning from 2019:

Main or Present Hexagram – 64 Before Completion

Changing Lines – 1st Position

Outcome Hexagram – 21 Biting Through

Focus for 2020:

Main or Present Hexagram – 25 Innocence

Changing Lines – 6th Position

Outcome Hexagram – 17 Following

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