Weekly I Ching // 1 March 2021

In our first weekly I Ching overview for March 2021, the I Ching calls us to generate power through self-imposed restraint, discipline and structure. There is a lot of energy in the week, so going too far could lead us out of flow and into chaos. Listen to this episode for more.

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Time Stamps

0:00 Intro

0:45 Last week’s recap

2:29 Hexagram 60 Limitation

6:43 Hexagram 60 Limitation, Changing Line 4

8:46 Hexagram 60 Limitation, Changing Line 5

10:49 Hexagram 54 Marrying Maiden

Tech Specs

Main or Present Hexagram – Hexagram 60 Limitation

Changing Lines – 4th and 5th Positions

Outcome Hexagram – Hexagram 54 Marrying Maiden