According to the I Ching, it’s going to be a big week – change, surprises, upheaval, acceleration and revolution. This week, despite all the stuff going on, we must stay focused on the egg or our precious goal or project. Keep your head down and take action through the gaps that present themselves. It will change the timeline of your life and business.  Listen to this episode for more.

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Time Stamps

0:00 Intro

0:51 Last week’s recap

1:57 Hexagram 51 Shock

3:17 Hexagram 51 Shock, Changing Line 3

5:54 Hexagram 51 Shock, Changing Line 5

6:59 Hexagram 49 Revolution

Tech Specs

Main or Present Hexagram – Hexagram 51 Shock

Changing Lines – 3rd and 5th Positions

Outcome Hexagram – Hexagram 49 Revolution

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