Monthly I Ching // October 2021 // Hexagram 63 & 8

This month the I Ching says it’s all about how well we finish. With completion and closure being in flow this month, we have to maintain our final steps while not pushing too hard. Plus, working with others through groups is back on the cards. Listen to this episode for more insight into how to work with this flow this month.

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0:00 Intro

0:30 Last month’s recap

2:53 Hexagram 63 After Completion

5:03 Hexagram 63 After Completion, Changing Line 1

7:01 Hexagram 63 After Completion, Changing Line 3

8:48 Hexagram 8 Holding Together

Tech Specs

Main or Present Hexagram – Hexagram 63 After Completion

Changing Lines – 1st and 3rd Positions

Outcome Hexagram – 8 Holding Together