Weekly I Ching // 10 January 2022 // Hexagram 54 & 10

This week the I Ching asks us to focus on the path we are walking on. If it does not seem clear where we are going, never fear, we are being guided into position. The changing lines give us some interesting things to focus on too. Listen to this episode for more insight into how to work with this flow this week.

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0:00 Intro

0:41 Last week’s recap

1:11 Hexagram 54 Marrying Maiden

3:51 Hexagram 54 Marrying Maiden, Changing Line 5

4:43 Hexagram 54 Marrying Maiden, Changing Line 6

6:33 Hexagram 10 Treading

Tech Specs

Main or Present Hexagram – Hexagram 54 Marrying Maiden

Changing Lines – 5th and 6th Positions

Outcome Hexagram – Hexagram 10 Treading