#2 It’s Just Not Me with Colin Brett

Today our guest is a very dear friend of mine, Colin Brett, who came all the way from the United Kingdom and spent a morning with me in my home studio. We had this fantastic and meaningful conversation about all kinds of things, principally focused on the filters that we have in life – the things we keep telling ourselves about who we are and what we are capable of and how our task is to remove those filters and to stop coming up with excuses and get on with it.

Colin is a British Association for Counselling Accredited Counsellor, a Training and Supervising Transactional Analyst (in Organisations), and a qualified NLP Trainer. Colin has been coaching individuals and groups in organisations for several years, and holds a number of qualifications in the fields of psychotherapy and training. He has achieved the Professional Certified Coach credential of the International Coach Federation and is also trained as an NLP coach. Colin is equally at home in creating a coaching culture within the corporate world as he is developing coaching in communities. His area of particular interest lies in how people can stop stopping themselves and make the most of their lives, and you can hear this clearly through our conversation in this podcast.

Colin is also the head of Coaching Development, and international coaching development organisation. Go to their web site to learn more about their incredible approach to coaching through their global reach at coachingdevelopment.com.


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