#1 Introduction to the Podcast

Thank you for joining me for this introductory episode to the Show Me the Honey Podcast. Yes, it’s tongue in cheek. Yes, it’s cryptic. And here you’ll find out more about what we really aim to achieve with this podcast.

I, personally, am obsessed about podcasts – you can learn while driving, you can learn while cooking, or doing whatever it is that is your day-to-day tasks and to fill your mind with amazing ideas and incredible intelligences, sharing what they have learnt. This has inspired me to not only create this podcast, but also to create the One Brick at a Time podcast, which you’ll hear more about as we go along.

In Show Me the Honey we celebrate bees. And I’ve told you that you because you are the busy bees creating the meaningful hive. I’m sure, like me, you’ve been through many work experiences that left you feeling perhaps spiritually, emotionally, mentally and certainly physically a bit numb. My task through this podcast, and I need your help as well, is to create a platform and a space where we can share meaningful learning with each other, that we can inspire each other through the things that we’ve been through, through the things that we do and through the things that we have learnt.

This is a space for you to share, learn and grow. I will invite amazing guests to come and share with you the things that have inspired them – the things they have learnt – so that they can, in turn, give back and share that with you. Whether you are an entrepreneur, growing your business and looking for new learning and new inspiration, or whether you are within an organisation in a leadership position, and wanting to learn more so that you can inspire your team, or perhaps you are on a quest to learn and to grow and develop every single day – you are welcome!

And I’d like to invite you to come into the hive and to be part of this magical journey of being bees that happily, and in harmony, work together to create this delicious honey. And by honey I don’t mean money, yet that is to some extent true. What I really mean is to create the wonderful sweetness in life: purpose, meaning, fun and absolute happiness on every level. Happiness is not just about being deliriously happy – it’s about doing something awesome and having fun at the same time.

So join me and my guests as we go on this journey together; as we explore interesting topics; as we become inspired as a collective as the hive. And remember, if you want to stay up-to-date with the latest episodes as they come out, please hit the subscribe button. If you are inspired and if you love what we do, please give us a rating and share what this podcast means to you – it makes the world of difference to us.

I thank you in advance and hope to connect with you on many different levels through this podcast. If you’d like to put through a question, would like to send us a comment or request a particular speaker, send us a mail at podcast@apianlearning.com.


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