#16 The Collaboration Dance with Kgomotso Sekhute

We explore collaboration and leadership development in today’s show with Kgomotso Sekhute. Kgomotso is a clinical psychologist, executive META coach, people and culture strategist and entrepreneur accelerator. She shares deep and powerful insights into how we can make workplaces more meaningful and the massive value of collaborative projects where every voice is heard and all stakeholders are engaged. … Continue Reading >#16 The Collaboration Dance with Kgomotso Sekhute

#14 New Year’s (Re)solutions with Belinda Doveston

In a wrap-up of 2018, I share with you five agile strategies you can apply to the year ahead for both your personal goals and for those of your organisation or team. These strategies aim to mitigate our natural tendency to forget what we set out to do and to accelerate our capacity to do wonderful and meaningful things with our year. … Continue Reading >#14 New Year’s (Re)solutions with Belinda Doveston

#1 Introduction to the Podcast

Thank you for joining me for this introductory episode to the Show Me the Honey Podcast. This is a space for you to share, learn and grow. I will invite amazing guests to come and share with you the things that have inspired them – the things they have learnt – so that they can, in turn, give back and share that with you. Whether you are an entrepreneur, growing your business and looking for new learning and new inspiration, or whether you are within an organisation in a leadership position, and wanting to learn more so that you can inspire your team, or perhaps you are on a quest to learn and to grow and develop every single day – you are welcome! … Continue Reading >#1 Introduction to the Podcast