#33 For the Love of the Customer with Chantel Botha

The word ‘love’ is still taboo in business speak, yet at the heart of great customer experiences is the love of the customer, a passion for purpose and a quest to make a real difference through service. We chat to Chantel Botha, CEO of Brand Love, about customer experience design and getting in touch with the real and deep needs of your customers from a perspective that makes sense to them.

Chantel Botha is a brand and business innovator who obsesses over how customers connect with brands. She finds meaning in designing engaging and remarkable customer and employee experiences that creates value for brands and people.

Chantel guides brands to find their experience essence. Once they have it defined, she uses design thinking to infuse it into every interaction with a customer or employee. She helps both corporations and people realign with their purpose. She applies her skills and experience to grow her client’s businesses through showing them how to solve problems for their customers.

Furthermore, Chantel holds a degree in business economics and computer science. She writes for various publications and speaks at conferences around the globe. She transforms people through experiential education programmes and personal coaching.

Chantel founded a robotics academy that focuses on preparing kids for the future with technical and interpersonal skills. How awesome is that!

For more information, visit Brand Love at www.brandlove.co.za.


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