#32 Agility Schmagility with Belinda Doveston

Agility is the big buzzword at the moment, and not without good reason. We live in interesting times, as the saying goes, and we have to develop new ways to deal with change and maximise the opportunity of these times. Yet what does agility actually mean? In this episode, our host, Belinda Doveston, shares her four phrase approach to making sense of agility – core strength, balance, endurance fitness and flexibility. For each aspect, she provides insight into how you and your business or organisation can become more agile.

Belinda has a long history of working as a business architect and in the education sector. She now specialises in mixed media storytelling through writing, podcasting, vlogging and training. Check out her Apian Learning profile: https://apianlearning.com/team/belinda-doveston/ 

Here below are the links and references from the show:

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Margaret Heffernan’s Dare to Disagree: https://youtu.be/PY_kd46RfVE

Agile Leadership: https://buildingteams.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/Agile-Leadership-2-Day-Programme-2019.pdf

Agile Strategy Online Course: https://apianlearning.com/courses/agile-strategy/


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