#31 It Takes a Tribe with Janice Scheckter

It takes a tribe, a village, to raise a child. And great things – the seeds of our future – require a collaborative tribe to bring to fruition. In this episode we chat to Janice Scheckter about community, collaboration and building cohesive platforms for good and responsible citizenry, be that in one’s family, suburb, business or the larger human family.

Janice Scheckter, CEO of Indigo New Media, considers herself a serial impact entrepreneur. Since the founding of Indigo New Media in 2013, she has co-founded multiple digital ventures that include A Better Africa (building an African education ecosystem), aparate.co (mapping and connecting farmers across the continent),  and iamcitizen.africa (connecting civil society for better collaboration and driving active citizenry), among others. Janice has also recently co-founded AWiA, African Women in Agriculture NPC, promoting women in agri-preneurship, which she chairs.

The collaboration era and what it potentially represented in the world, captured my attention and I guess my imagination. I have read and written prolifically on collaboration and on the concepts of online communities and what can be achieved in terms of impact, better brands and a better place for us to exist in.

Janice Scheckter

Janice’s qualifications include B Journalism (with Political Science major) (Rhodes), Public Relations (with distinction, International Advertising Diploma (IAA)), Master facilitator, Wine diploma (Cape Wine Academy) and Advanced Wine Appreciation (Stellenbosch University), yet she considers her self-driven learning on collaboration and community to be the her most important learning to date.

To get in touch with Janice and learn more about her inspiring communities, check out these links:

A Better Africa: a-better-africa.com

iamcitizen.africa: iamcitizen.africa

aparate: aparate.co

Blogs and posts: https://www.indigo.co.za/blog.shtml


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