#30 Purpose-Filled Retirement with Hilary Henderson

Retirement – we are all going to get there, hopefully. Yet what does ‘retirement’ mean to you and how could we make our Golden Age one that is filled with joy, fun, inspiration and contribution. Hilary Henderson joins us to chat about her work as a retirement coach and brings great insight into the challenges and opportunities of our latter years.

Hilary Henderson spent 10 years working as an Occupational therapist, mainly in the Psychiatric wards at Groote Schuur Hospital, Cape Town, then lecturing at UCT. She also managed a private Occupational Therapy Practice for several years. After completing her MBA, Hilary spent a year with a Management Consulting firm and then established and successfully ran her own Guest House with training facilities for 10 years. In recent years she attempted to establish a business growing exotic mushrooms, which never got off the ground, and has worked in the non-profit sector in management and fundraising. Her wide variety of experience helps her to understand what others are experiencing.

Hilary was catapulted into retirement on her 60th birthday when her job became untenable, so she embarked on a journey to become a life coach. She landed in retirement with no preparation and quickly learned the importance of systematic preparation. Writing a book about retirement planning was a strategy to understand the transition on several levels and has taken Hilary on a journey to developing a passion for helping people ensure that their final act is the best part of their lives.

To get in touch with Hilary or to get hold of her book, visit her website: https://nuhorizons.co.za


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