#29 Architecting Your Story with Lisa Bell

Words are powerful. They can build worlds and dreams within the dream. Great stories take words to a whole new level. Today we chat to Lisa Bell about conveying your personal and business story, powerfully and clearly.

Realising that writing was definitely a calling, Lisa Bell has always tinkered with words over the years, even from childhood. After successfully running and then selling her insurance brokerage in 2015, she focused on starting up her writing services agency, The Word Architect. With her background in insurance, as well as personal training, Lisa knew that to build up the business, she had to apply her gift of discipline and order. Her first port of call was to connect with like-minded creatives and other business folk. The internationally acclaimed business network, BNI, was on her list, and has been a big part of The Word Architect, helping it grow from success to success.

Working under the appropriate name, The Word Architect offers various content creation services, covering the spectrum of online media marketing in the form of blogs, articles, social media and web content, and also offering services pertaining to document collation, such as resumes, portfolios, bios, mailers and corporate identity pieces.

With a desire to provide the world with inspiring, educational and engaging content, The Word Architect constantly reaches out to other creatives, looking to always expand its collaboration opportunities.

For more information, go to: https://thewordarchitect.co.za/


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