#28 Finding Your Voice with Lucia Dramat

We chat with radio and media personality, Lucia Dramat, who has recently joined the Radio Helderberg Breakfast Show team. Lucia shares with us her insights on finding her unique voice and exploring her areas of passion and encouraging others to live their best life and thrive! If you feel there is more you can do to find your own voice, then join us for the show.

Lucia Dramat is an entrepreneur, radio presenter, public speaker, writer and encourager. She has an insatiable desire to do something big, bright and beautiful with her life. Big – makes an impact, bright – lights the way for others, and beautiful – bringing joy. Lucia loves to see people succeed and being part of their journey is the cherry on the cake. Without trying she is an encourager, so no matter what she does it always filters through. As a public relations professional, as a facilitator, event host and organiser, TV presenter, public speaker, radio presenter and blogger, every single avenue has been another opportunity to encourage and motivate people.

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Contribution Compass

The Contribution Compass is a profiling tool that enables you to understand both your area of maximum contribution to a team, company or organisation and how you can leverage the most value for yourself and for your organisation. You achieve this leverage simply – by investing your time in your area of maximum contribution, through what is referred to as your ‘natural energy’.

Identifying, creating and sustaining your value, which you then leverage, is the cornerstone of working effectively with your natural energy. It requires that you have a deep understanding of your natural energy and that you actively seek to utilise that natural energy to create, build and deliver value – for yourself and others.

On the 10th April 2019, Contribution Compass is hosting a one-day event to help you learn how to unlock your natural energy profile. Details are below.



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