#4 Happiness at Work is Catchy with Kerstin Jatho

In today’s episode we celebrate happiness at work. I affirm that through today’s session, listening to Kerstin Jatho, we are going to learn about happiness at work and how to create a viral movement of changing and transforming the level of happiness in the workplace. I have known Kerstin for many years as we have worked together in varying places, our lives seemingly to connect from time to time. It gives me great pleasure to introduce her as our guest today on Show Me the Honey, as she shares her speciality – the thing that she is passionate about – happiness at work. We also touch on a concept coined at 4Seeds – the meaningful leader. Enjoy!

Kerstin is an ever-avid student by nature, and continuously strives to grow and develop her multiple skills and knowledge. One of her current professional aspirations, which she is working towards, is to obtain her PhD in Organisational Psychology. Besides personal coaching and mentoring, Kerstin supports leaders, teams and individuals to flourish in their personal and professional lives. She wants to enable people to thrive while being happy at the workplace and assist companies to create the space for employees to be fulfilled. As an ICF Global accredited PCC Coach, Kerstin specialises in assisting executives and leaders to lead with courage, confidence and ethics; balancing the diverse scales of peak performance and productivity with happiness and well-being for both the leader as well as the team.

To find out more information about Kerstin and her team at 4Seeds, go to: https://www.4seeds.co.za.


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