#5 Boards that Cultivate Safe Liminal Spaces with Roger Hitchcock

We chat to Roger Hitchcock about boards, directors and governance and the environment that leaders should create. In this safe space, as created by great leaders, critical conversations and challenging views can truly emerge. This is the ‘liminal space’ or the confusing zone between leaving the old behind and moving into the future that is waiting to emerge. Too much time is spent by boards ticking off governance lists and not enough attention is focused on cultivating the right organisation.

Roger Hitchcock has worked for over 20 years in both large corporate environments and small business environments. His speciality is in making complexity understandable and facilitating robust solutions. He is passionate about assisting companies and individuals to find their clear strategic direction and purpose and helping them to take steps in implementing this purpose in an effective way. Roger has held a number of directorships ranging from executive director in Honeylane Consulting to non-executive positions in the mining sector, retail and non-profit sectors. Roger leads Sirdar Group education programmes and supports Sirdar Group clients with his strategic and facilitation expertise.

To connect with Roger, visit his web site at: http://rogerhitchcock.co.za/ or at http://sirdargroup.com/.


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