#9 Listening Deeply with Robyn Jackson

Listening is an act of generosity! So come join us as Robyn Jackson shares her experiences as a leader and executive coach and how Nancy Kline’s work on the thinking environment is so critical for leaders in creating the right thinking space for effective teams.

After selling her national business interests in 2012, Robyn Jackson has been managing a portfolio of professional roles as a business consultant, advisor, executive coach, mentor and independent non-executive director, while continuing to study and broaden her awareness. She offers a track-record of practical business executive, managerial and leadership experience; of driving growth and profitability; building high-performance teams and entrenching a culture of accountability, continuous improvement and staff empowerment. She strives to engage in diverse perspectives and to challenge what she thinks she knows.

Robyn is continuing her research in the social construct of organisational leadership and its influence on broader company effectiveness with the aim of sharing these insights to help entrepreneurs in their own awareness and growth journey. She is now also the MD of Skills Cafe – an innovative, app-based recruitment solution that connects the right people at the right time.

Useful Links

You can contact Robyn through her web site at thebusinesscouch.co.za.

To find out more about Skills Cafe and to get your name on the launch list, go to skillscafe.work.

And of course, the amazing book called ‘Deep Work’ by Cal Newport….a great read!


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