#8 Purposeful Leadership with Rae Bougardt

Rae Bougardt from LeadStrong joins us today to talk about purposeful leadership and he highlights how critical it is to lead with purpose and indeed seek your own purpose. Rae is a philosopher at heart, driven to help others find meaning in the workplace through purpose. At LeadStrong he serves as a speaker, facilitator and business and talent strategist.

LeadStrong is a world class leadership, strategy, talent and business consultancy with international reach and best practice experience in leading industries. LeadStrong engages through non-theoretical workshops, facilitated training days and team-formation exercises. They prefer ‘journeys’, rather than short-lived interventions. Journeys are a series of learning opportunities culminating in a shared vision and goal attainment. Visit LeadStrong for more information: leadstrong.biz

Other Useful Links
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  • The guy who wrote the Rambo books…David Morrell is his name and here is his book on writing. Watch out for those ferrets!


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