#21 After Robots, Then What? with Tricia Jones

Tricia Jones joins us to chat about human growth, finding heart in the workplace, leadership and of course….what happens when the robots come. As founder and managing member of a people-development and coaching business, Capacity Builder, Tricia is as passionate about people personally as she is about their development professionally.

Her practice is based largely on a set of success minded principles made famous by John Grinder and Richard Bandler through their work with NLP (Neuro Linguistics Programming); as well as the latest positive psychology, emotional intelligence and neuroscience research on how to tap into internal resources to increase individual, team and organisational performance and effectiveness.

Tricia’s certifications in Motivational Mapping, Life Coaching, NLP Practice, Logotherapy, StrengthScope and Multiple Brain Techniques ensures that she has access to a full spectrum of resources, which can be uniquely applied to each challenge to provide a fit for purpose solution. Included in her expansive bag of tricks is a battery of self-inventory and profiling tools. She has been using these tools to help individuals and teams alike to identify their energy sources and to design strategies to help them improve their current motivation and performance levels which have had resounding results.

For more information, contact Tricia at triciajones.co.za and capacitybuilder.co.za.

Go to futureofhr.co.za for more information on the Future of HR Summit and Awards, taking place in Johannesburg on the 12 to 13 June 2019.

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