Clear communication is one of our greatest challenges and most powerful opportunities. Yet, let’s face it, we learn most of what we know about communication from our parents. Eeeek! In today’s episode we discuss communication with John French, and unpack simple strategies to improve the results we get because of better communication.

John is one of South Africa’s most respected communication strategists and communication skills coaches. Having amassed 23 years of across-the-board experience in the communication training industry, John has created some of the brightest performers in every profession and industry and has radically improved the bottom line of organisations he has partnered with.

With a background in Law, Public Relations and Speech and Drama, John has the necessary knowledge and experience to look at communication both holistically and strategically. Communication is a very intricate human science. Over the decades, John has developed training methodologies and communication models to help our clients break through their limiting fears and barriers to achieve communication and career success.

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