#23 Victor Not Victim with Linda Remke

What do you do when every kind of major life challenge hurls itself at you at the same time? In this episode we chat to Linda Remke, founder of Valueneurs, who so courageously shares her journey of overcoming great obstacles through reaching out to being coached and becoming a coach to help others. She inspires through her story of being the victor and not the victim.

As a seasoned entrepreneur in the advertising, marketing and communications industry for over 20 years, Linda has acquired diverse experience in mobilising concepts and strategies to market. During her career, Linda and her teams have taken over 500 brands, and brought companies and products to market, providing creative solutions, mentorship and guidance to each one she has worked with.

Her vast experience in understanding ‘people dynamics’ at all levels, together with qualifying as a Life and Executive Coach, and through EVEOLVE®, has allowed Linda to provide a unique offer to market of personal and business brand coaching and mentoring. Helping people to understand, accept and assert themselves appropriately, is core to her interventions. And, she achieves this by using her Value-based EQ model and framework. This methodology accelerates self-awareness and self-management, which translates directly to personal accountability within the workplace and life in general.

As a COMENSA Master Practitioner, visionary and strategist, as well as having a special ability for innovation, Linda gave birth to another offer to market called VALUENEURS™. Due to her immense passion for adding value to lives and businesses, this new platform promises to offer an accessible, affordable and accountable business model that will reach more deserved, under-served and remote entities. The mission is to help grow people, which ultimately grows businesses, and in turn grows opportunities for job creation.

Get your values assessment here: https://www.valueneurs.co.za/values-exercise/

To get in touch with Linda and her team:

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