Weekly I Ching // 3 June 2019

Welcome to the new week! Let’s make it a great one by being focused and in tune with the cycle of change we are in.

This week, things slow down with only two changing lines, although there is still a lot going on given the four changing lines for June 2019!

We are asked to focus upon how things appear or are presented. Does your brand need embellishing? Do your products need some glamour dust? What about you? How could you embellish and adorn yourself this week? The I Ching asks us to put our true value on full display this week.

A lovely energy of abundance comes into the end of the week. Perhaps showing ourselves in full glory helps us to unlock some wealth and flow by the end of the week. So go for it!

Tech Specs

Main or Present Hexagram – 22 Grace
Changing Lines – 4th and 6th Positions
Outcome Hexagram – 55 Abundance



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