#34 Creative Entrepreneurship with Gary Hirson

Are you creative? YES YOU ARE! We all are…it’s just a matter of discovering what our unique creative voice is. We are joined in this episode by Gary Hirson, who is a photographer, published children’s book author and coach specialising in creative entrepreneurship. We chat about exploring our creativity and just how important it is for our children to have well developed imaginations. They are our future, after all. Enjoy!

About Gary Hirson

I am an IMAGINEUR. A Creative and an Entrepreneur.

Believing in the power of the creative imagination and the need for goal-setting, I combine these elements and the need for grit and hustle in my Coaching philosophy, online courses, workshops and talks.

I realise that Entrepreneurs, Creatives and Dreamers are our future. But it’s one thing to have an idea, dream or project, and it’s another thing turning it into a reality. It needs, passion, perseverance, overcoming rejection, facing criticism, Grit and the ability to hustle.

I left the position of an Export Sales Manager in a listed company to pursue my dream of becoming a professional photographer. Alongside my photography business and successful running of two other businesses, which have subsequently been sold, I always dreamt of publishing coffee-table books with my name on them. Having now photographed and published two unique books, I realised my big dream. Along the journey I picked up a treasure chest of knowledge on how to make it happen – gold nuggets of information that I use for my future dreams.

With the backing of my Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Life Transformation Coach credentials I have introduced goal-setting and self-belief tools to the youth via my three independently published and interactive children’s books. My books are now represented by an international publishing company – L’Harmattan.

In addition, the tools I advocate in my books, online courses and workshops, I use, along with my experience as a Coach, to aid dreamers, entrepreneurs and creatives to best identify and achieve their goals.

I live in Cape Town South Africa where I operate as an Imagineur, i.e. a Coach, Author, Speaker, Photographer, and where I’m partner to an amazing French woman with whom, among other things, I swim daily in the cold Atlantic Ocean.

Contact Gary at https://garyhirson.com/


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